Vogue Original Shorts: Emma Stone stars in ‘A Way In’

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“I thank my lucky stars that we’ve been able to be on this ride together. We all need companions in the mystery to get you out of your head and into your heart, to moan to and to take the piss out of it all with.” — Andrew Garfield on having Emma Stone at his side during filming (x)

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“I think I’ve learned a lot by being around him, and, you know, he is an incredibly important person to me.” — Emma Stone about Andrew Garfield (x)

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Emma Stone for Vogue US

ok even though i found the stream i am strictly limiting myself to 20 minutes then i'm closing it. i'm putting it here first so there's proof. i will attempt to stay strong with you ella


i received this message exactly 20 minutes ago so you should be done by now! 

i believe in you!

kaitmaree said: Don’tttt crack. It’s totally worth the wait. I promise.

lastofthetimeladies said: don’t do it. you’ll probably regret not seeing it first on the big screen.

you guys are right and i know you’re right so i’m gonna try not to watch it but just uuuggghhh

You need to watch it. The scenes between Andrew and Emma are more than worth it alone!!


this is literally me right now i can’t take this

oh no i just found a working stream for the movie wish me luck i will probably be dead before it finishes. the shitty camcording is beckoning i don't think i have the will power to refuse


you guys stop!!!!!! i’m so weak!!!! i can’t do this!!!!

every1 i follow is a weakling!!!! they’re all watching it now!!!! i wanna watch it now!!!!! fuck!!!!

If Andrew's Oscars appearance pulled through it would have been the first time we'd see them walk the red carpet as a couple and not as co-stars. I know he's going to be busy filming after the press tour, but I hope we'll get to see them walk the carpet together (as a couple!!!) during her films' premieres. As much as I love Emma as Gwen, I'm so excited to see her do other things.


that’s true! i also hope emma goes to visit him when he’s filming!

obviously my dream is for andrew to be nominated for an oscar for his work in silence and for him to take emma as his date so we can have a repeat of the 2012 tonys buuuuuut

i’m so excited to see emma doing other things! she is so, so talented and i hope she gets to keep working with all of these incredible directors