Happy eighteenth birthday !! Enjoy it. Also thanks for the wonderful blog. I love it


that’s so nice of you! thank you so much!! 

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Love from Brazil <3333

thank you!!!! <3 <3 <3

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state of the blog(ger) address

in the past 24 hours i’ve:

  • turned 18
  • gotten my nose pierced
  • moved into my dorm
  • bought lotto tickets (and lost)
  • seen my best friend
  • eaten like, 6 cupcakes
  • done a terrible job at blogging
  • and listened to the girl who inspired the tv show “young & hungry” tell my incoming class that while in college we should “fuck up. fuck up so bad you don’t think you can fix it. then unfuck it” 

Omg!! Congratulations! I am 18 too and let me tell you it's a wonderful age! :D Enjoy your birthday girl!


hahaha thank you!! it hasn’t even been a day yet but i think i’m going to like it!

Feliz Cumpleaños! Happy Bday from Spain. Cheers!


awww gracias :D

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happy birthday!!!!!!!

thank you babe!!! <3

Happy B-day!!!!


thank you!!

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Met Emma Stone at the afterparty!! She is the sweetest and even prettier in person ;) [x]


"@ArcadeFiretube: Emma Stone backstage at Arcade Fire tonight. Here she is together with the ‘We Exist’ dancers. #Brooklyn2"

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